27-31 Helm Street, Kangaroo Flat, VIC, 3555

Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade

In the last 12 months our brigade has responded to over 170 calls for help, in our local response area, and well beyond.

We have attended fires, floods, car accidents, chemical incidents, plenty of false alarms, children stuck in locations they probably shouldn’t have been, and even a cat or two who didn’t want help (but needed our help). 

It's been a real mixed bag this year!

- Captain James O'Brien
Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade

When you join the team at Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade you also become part of the 52,000+ strong team of volunteers throughout Victoria that make up the highly respected CFA community.


CFA volunteers undertake a range of tasks such as fighting fires, road accident rescue, fundraising and community education and engagement.

We work together to connect with and help others in the communities in which we live, work & play.

All members of the community are welcome to join CFA.

If you have ever even remotely considered donning the gear, and jumping in the Big Red Truck - come and have a chat to us - we'd love to have you!

There are 3 ways in which you can volunteer with KFFB:

  • Junior Development Program
  • Operational Member
  • Non-Operational Support Role
To find out more about these roles, follow the link on the left!