27-31 Helm Street, Kangaroo Flat, VIC, 3555

Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade

In 1854 Volunteer Fire Brigades started forming throughout country Victoria.

First to be established were Ballarat, Geelong, Castlemaine and Sandhurst (now Bendigo). The equipment used by these early brigades included the hand drawn hose reel.  The hose reels assisted in getting hose and other necessary equipment to the scene of a fire relatively quickly.
(This was the catalyst for fire brigade competitions, as we now know them. Brigades soon discovered their training and efficiency improved by engaging in training competition with neighbouring brigades)
Around 1910 circa, Firefighting Vehicles began to be introduced.

In 1873 the Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade was formally formed, and in 1891 the Victorian Government passed a Brigades' Act which provided for the formation of two boards, one to cover rural Victoria and the other the Metropolitan area.

Thus the Country Fire Brigades Board (CFBB) and the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board (MFBB) were born.
The CFBB was responsible for coordinating fire brigades more than 16 kilometres from Melbourne.

Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade was the 16th Fire Brigade to join the CFBB (hence the number 16 worn on our Competition Team’s shirts).

After serious fires in 1939, a Royal Commission was established and it recommended a single firefighting organisation for country Victoria.  After more devastating fires in 1944, the Country Fire Association (CFA) was established to better coordinate country fire services. It commenced operation on 2 April 1945.

Fire Stations

Since commencing operation in 1873, KFFB has had 3 known stations within the area.
The first was in Short Street, Kangaroo Flat – and operated until the construction of a new fire station at Station Street, Kangaroo Flat in 1956.

The current location – at Helm Street, Kangaroo Flat, was constructed in 2015.

KF Fire Station